A Morrocan adventure – Marrakesh

Thursday November 14th was the day. We were going on a trip to Marrakesh, and by we, I mean my colleagues and I. Yes, that’s right, a weekend trip with work! They had even rented a plane just for us.

When everyone had arrived at Rotterdam airport, it was time to get through custums. And Since it was just our group of colleagues, it went very smooth and quick. Before I knew it, I was already seated on the plane, and we were ready to go.

After a 3 hour and 20 minute flight, we arrived in Morroco, at the Marrakesh Menara Airport. It took us about an hour to get through customs again, get all our luggage, and get onto the buses that where already waiting for us, to take us to the hotel.

The hotel

The busride to the hotel only took about 5 minutes.. And my oh my, what a gorgeous hotel it was! And I feel so dumb, because I totally forgot to take pictures of my room, just 1 picture of the view from my room. No need to be sad though.. Just google the “Mövenpick Hotel” in Marrakesh, and you can have a nice browse, maybe even drool and impulsively decide to book yourself a trip to Marrakesh, just to be able to stay in one of those rooms.

Since it was late when we arrived at the hotel, most of us just went to bed to recharge for the next day.

Friday – morning

After a relatively short night, I woke up, and had a nice shower (God how I wish I had a shower like that at home). I then proceeded to take myself to the very crowded breakfast area. Honestly, I should kick myself, because again, I FORGOT to take pictures.
After breakfast, the group split into smaller groups for some activities.

I had initially picked to go on a hot air balloon ride. Unfortunately this wasn’t allowed in the end, because the King of Morroco was also visiting Marrakesh that weekend. I then opted to visit the souks.
We got into mini vans and we drove to the main square, with 3 guides. The guides quickly guided us through all kinds of little alley ways with small stores. It was beautiful to see, although I didn’t like the snake enchanters, and the guys with little monkeys on chains that were massively present on the main square.
I bought absolutely nothing, mainly because one of the vendors actually said they get their stuff from aliexpress lol.


After visiting the souks we went back to the hotel, and had the whole afternoon to ourselves. Together with 3 other couples we decided to find a place to get some lunch. We ended up in a little “hole in the wall” where locals were sitting. So we decided that would be a great place, I mean, if the locals eat there it must be good right? And boy oh boy, yes it was! I ordered a “berber tagine”, without knowing what kind of stuff would be in there, because that was the only dish that didn’t have it specified on the menu. I was happily surprised when it arrived, it was packed with fresh vegetables and LAMB (my favourite meat I believe). And it only cost me 50 dirham (which is about 5 euro’s) .

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and just went to our own rooms to chill for a bit.. And guess what? I took another shower, just because I could!


In the evening the whole group gathered together again to go to “The White Camel Lodge & Tents” in the desert, for camel rides (optional, I didn’t do that), drinks, and a meal.
It was a gorgeous place! And the food was fabulous (but then again, I am not a picky eater, and I like food in general lol). We even had some etertainment. A belly dancer, who unfortunetly I couldn’t really see because I am short, and stood in the back of the tent. And a guy who did some tricks with fire outside.
After all our bellies were full, and we had danced the night away with some more drinks, it was time to get back to the hotel again for a good nights sleep.

Saturday – morning and afternoon

After breakfast we all gathered together yet again, this time to go to the Atlas mountains for some team-building activities.
We were split into 3 groups, for 3 different activities (Some olympic sports games, tree climbing, and zip-lining). And to be honest, I was a bit dissapointed. I thought to myself: “I didn’t come to Morocco to do some silly games I could easily do back home”.

The idea was to rotate, so all groups would do all 3 activities.
The first one for my group were those olympic games. I tried to participate somewhat, but in one of the games I fell pretty hard, which made it harder to join with the other games.

Then a highly needed Lunch break!

Second came zip-lining, which was AWESOME! And basically the only thing I really did want to do, because that is something I cannot do back home, well at least not in an environment like that.
Before the actual zip-line part we had to cross some kind of rope-bridge (105m/ 344 feet high).
I am not afraid of heights, and I consider myself to be pretty daring.. But I have to say, it was pretty scary, and that shows in my face as you can see in the pictures. Zip-lining in itself was just a thrilling experience, I almost felt like flying.

Last activity was the tree-climbing stuff. I opted out of this one, because my leg was kinda hurting from that previous fall, and the zip-lining after that didn’t really help either.

When all groups had done all 3 activities, it was time to head back to the hotel again to change and get ready for the final evening.


For the evening we were asked to wear something fancy. No sports clothes, because we were going to “Palais Dar Soukkar” a very fancy place, apparently somewhere celebrities come as well.
And fancy it was! Again, the food was to die for. And it had a bit of a dinner-show vibe, every 5 minutes or so new entertainment was provided. It went from singers, to bellydancers, to traditional african dancers, to fire dancers and more. And guess what… OF COURSE I did not take any pictures *massive eyeroll*. I only have a picture of the outside of the building… So so sorry!
After all this, we were brought back to the hotel again. Some people decided to take a taxi and go out still, but another couple and myself just decided to grab another drink at the hotel and then call it a night.


Sadly on Sunday it was already time to pack and go home. We had no time left to really do anything, because check-out was at 11am. And the buses to take us back to the airport were ready at 12pm.
But it might not surprise anyone by now, that before I packed and checked-out, I did take a last, long, very very long, shower.
The way home was pretty uneventful, a lot of people just slept in the plane. And I just read some and watched some pre-downloaded series on my phone.

Back at Rotterdam airport, we waited for our luggage, said our goodbyes, and basically just went home.

One day I do hope to go back, because even though we did a lot, I think there is so much more to explore and the country is just beautiful, and the people are wonderful.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my experiences (or adventures as I call them).


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  1. Klinkt goed allemaal babe…
    Je schrijft het weer zo dat je er een beeld bij kan vormen en dan komen de foto’s nog hihi ❤

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