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I let my instagram followers pick my make-up

Yesterday evening I was contemplating what I was going to wear today, and what make-up I would try.
Then I thought, maybe it’s nice to ask my instagram followers to pick some items for me.
So, this morning I checked the instagram poll results, and tried “my magic” (which is basically just playing with make-up, without really having a clue what I am doing).
I have to say, I don’t think I would’ve necessarily picked these myself.

The poll results

I only asked to pick 3 different products:
– An eye shadow palette (OPV palette or mua palette)
– A highligter (goddess of love or prism loose powder)
– A lipstick (mua satin lip or hema diamond shine)
Mainly because I only have 1 primer, 1 foundation, 1 concealer, 1 bronzer palette, 1 type of powder and 1 fixing spray, so not much to choose there 🤣

The winners:
– OPV eyeshadow palette – Spotlight
– I heart revolution highlighter – Goddess of Love
– MUA Satin Lipstick – First Class

The look

Like I said, I am not sure if I would’ve picked this combo myself, but then again why the heck not.
I tried to create some sort of something. And I am still no MUA (Make-Up Artist) But I tried my best.

OPV eyeshadow palette – Spotlight

From the eyeshadow palette I used the following colours:
– Public eye
– Dazzlenight
– Glimmer
– Focus

make up

And there you have it!

I think I will be doing things like this again in the future, because I actually enjoyed checking the results this morning.
And I felt it was kind of cool having others pick stuff for me. (Not always though!).
It really sparked some extra creativity in me this morning.

Thanks for popping by, hope you enjoyed reading this 😊


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