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Jeffree Star “Holiday Mystery Box – Deluxe” – FINALLY!

Finally, after waiting for 42 days (which is longer than I have to wait for aliexpress orders, LOL) my mystery box is in! I picked it up at the post office just now, and unboxed it of course… Mind you, I could hardly wait until I was home to be honest, my last unboxing has been a while ago as well… And I am so eager to post this post, that I just took the pictures with my phone and did not even edit them.
And yes this is somwehat of a review, BUT I have to be totally honest, I love Jeffree Star and his products, so maybe this is not completely unbiased. 🙈
Also, I am very aware of the fact that there are already tons of reviews and unboxing posts, pictures and videos online, but I still wanted to share my own.

What is in the box?

Well, there are 8 items in the box.
– An exclusive Jeffree Star 5 year anniversary hoodie
– A reusable straw
– A sticker sheet
– Velour liquid lip in the shade: “Soft Serve”
– Velour liquid lip in the shade: “First Class”
– Supreme Frost highlighter in the shade: “Candy Apple Drip”
– The THIRSTY EYESHADOW PALETTE! (And yes that needed to be in all caps, because that was on my wishlist anyway!)
– The EXCLUSIVE Peppermint Forst highlighter palette

Let’s get into them

I have not taken extra pictures of the stickers and the straw, I mean, they kinda speak for themselves I guess. I do have to say, I know there was some drama on the internet regarding the stickers.. BUT I LOVE them, maybe it’s because I bullet journal, so I already know where and how I will use them.

Jeffree Star hoodie

Yes, awkard selfie time! Woohoo! But this is the hoodie! And I just HAD to try it on straight away! It is of great quality and I already know I will probably be half-living in this, especially when I am home

Both the liquid lips, with swatches on my arm. The first one is without flash, the second one with. I am actually very pleased, I like both colours and think I will wear both of them regularly.
I already have some of Jeffree Star’s liquid lips and they are one of the few that last me all day long, even after meals and all. So yes!

So, this is the Supreme Forst highlighter… It’s a GREEN highlighter 😱. I don’t think I will ever try this as a highlighter, I am not the grinch LOL. But then again, you never know.. haha. I do think this is a very nice colour to use as an eyeshadow! This swatch was only done without the flash, basically just because I forgot *oops*

The Thirsty Palette, the palette that has been on my wishlist for a while and now it’s finally mine!!! I cannot wait to start using this one! And I haven’t swatched it, because I jsut want it to be crispy clean when I dip my brush in it for the first time. Yes, you may call me crazy 😜

The EXCLUSIVE Peppermint Frost highlighter palette! And it is gorgeous! These highlighter colours are all so pretty and usable! They feel great as well and have great pigmentation. I can see myself wearing “Ugly Sweater”and “Igloo Gold”. I think the “Chocolate Ice” might be too dark for my skintone, but just like the green hglighter, I can use it as an eyeshadow!

Final thoughts

I am really happy with eveything that was in this box! I see myself using every single item, maybe not the way they were intended, but they will be used nonetheless. And I cannot wait to use them! But, like I mentioned before, I might be biased, since I just LOVE Jeffree star and his products! 🤭

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Until the next one!


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