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Jeffree Star – Valentine’s Mystery Box – Supreme

Yes, I did it again. I ordered a Jeffree Star Mystery Box on the 31st of January 🙈 And today it finally arrived, just in time for Valentine’s day!
I went for the Supreme, which is the biggest box, and it was a whopping 145 dollars. Ouch!
And as with the last one I received, I just couldn’t wait to open it, and show it of on here. Therefore, I again did not edit any of my pictures (apart from the one at the top to block my address). I am just too impatient for that.

So let’s dive in

As I mentioned before, this box was $145 and is supposed to have a value of $285. It has 12 items in there and 5 of them are exclusives. And exclusive really means, they will never be made again.

So, on the left is the look of it right after opening it, and on the right all the stuff that was in there. Quite overwhelming, I think! But then again, I might be biased, because I seriously just love Jeffree Star products.
Let’s list all the items in there and have a closer look at some of them in a bit.

  • Black tote-bag with his new valentines print (exclusive)
  • Burgundy cross body bag (exclusive)
  • Pink pop-socket (exclusive)
  • Lip scrub in the flavour “Diet Root Beer”
  • Velour liquid lip in the shade “Romeo”
  • Velour liquid lip in the shade “Restraint”
  • Velour liquid lip in the shade “Mistletoe”
  • The Gloss in the shade “Softcore Sparkle” (exclusive)
  • The Gloss in the shade “Ice Cold”
  • The “Brainfreeze” skin frost pro highlighter palette
  • Jeffree Star Approved Mirror in the colour baby pink (exclusive)
  • The “Blue Blood” eyeshadow palette

I am in LOVE with that cross body bag! I know he has some on his website, as they were part of his Valentine’s day launch. This one is exclusive, because he does NOT have this colour as a part of his collection. I think this will be my new every day bag!
The mirror is gorgeous, a chrome type of pink, the box says baby pink, but it’s more of a hot pink. The reason that this is an exclusive, is also because of the colour, he has these mirrors for sale on his website, but just not this colour.
I did not take an extra picture of the pop-socket or tote-bag, but then again.. It’s a pop-socket .. and a tote-bag. haha

The lip products

I have a few velour liquid lipsticks already, so I knew they would be great!
The colours are not something I would probably pick myself.
– Swatches from top to bottom are – Romeo – Restraint – Mistletoe.
I am happy with those colours though, especially since they are eye safe and I could use them to create a wicked eye-liner!
The Glosses are amazing! I wish they would translate better into the picture. They actually do look more like what you see in the packaging.
Swatches – Top – Softcore Sparkle – Bottom – Ice Cold.
The lip scrub is my first ever lip scrub! It smells great, and it tastes fantastic. So supossedly that’s “diet root beer” flavour, but since I’ve never had that, I have no idea if that’s actually true.

The palette’s

This highlighter palette is from his jawbreaker collection and is seriously awesome! I probably won’t be able to use the 2 darker shades as a highlighter for my skintone, but I can always use them as eyeshadows. So I have to say, I am very, very pleased with this.
I haven’t swatched these, but I believe they will pop up somewhere on my blog in the future haha.
Oh and yes, Micio HAD to come and claim his spot on the table as I was taking pictures LOL 😸

And then.. OMG! I am dying over this! The Blue Blood palette. Like really, I don’t even know what to say! I am in LOVE. lt is gorgeous!! The packaging alone is just stunning!
I can see neutral looks, and extremely bold looks. Absolutely cannot wait to play with this, and I will absolutely share looks on my instagram in the future.
I haven’t swatched these either, because I just want to drool over it some more, before I start using this.

So is it worth it?

Well obviouly I am going to say YES! Because I am happy with everything I got in this box. And yes, there might be some products I wouldn’t have picked, it’s nice to receive something that makes you think out of the box, to get your creativity flowing again.

But was it also worth the money? Is it actually worth $285

Let’s see.. I checked the JSC website to get the retail prices for each product:

  • Tote-bag ?? (because it’s not sold on his website)
  • Cross body bag – $35 (available in 3 colours, just not the burgundy since that’s exclusive)
  • Pop-socket ?? (because it’s not sold on his website)
  • Mirror $30 (available in 3 colours, just not thehot pink since that’s exclusive)
  • The Glosses $18 – So that’s $36 for 2
  • Velour liquid lips $18 so that’s $54 for 3
  • Lip Scrub $12
  • Brainfreeze $ 40
  • Blue Blood $52

So, that’s a total of $259 which leaves $26 for the tote-bag and pop-socket. Believable in my opinion! So YES it was worth the money as well!

Bonus picture 🤭

I couldn’t help myself, I had to share this picture of Micio and Brainfreeze as well! 💖

That’s it for now, until the next one!

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