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Let’s start 2020

The holidays are officially over and I have finally gotten back into my normal routine. Which means… Time to get back to blogging! Oh yeah!
Oh and since it’s the 6th of January, I am still allowed to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” according to the etiquette 😉

But before I am going to actually start talking about this new year, I want to just give my general thoughts about 2019 from my own personal experience and perspective.

– I look back on 2019 with mixed feelings for myself.. It was a year of growth, a year of letting go, of healing and rediscovering myself. A year filled with lovely moments with my friends, tons of concerts, but also moments of loneliness and lots of tears. I am continuing the path of growth and healing in 2020.

And my 1 and only resolution is, To LOVE MYSELF MORE!!
Even though I mentioned in 1 of my previous posts that I don’t do resolutions. –

So.. enough emotional blah!
Now just a few pictures that kinda of sum up the last 2+ weeks of my 2019

Here we go with some picture spam!

And Myrte did my make-up, and Kelly turned the picture into some gorgousness.. (And yes, I feel I can say that about a picture that actually has ME in it)
Before Christmas I went out with Mariska, and we didn’t JUST go out, we went out in our onesies! LOL
Here I am with Simone, we were both wearing the Jeffree Star velour liquid lip in the colour “Androgyny”, so we just had to take a picture
I felt very ME in my bohemian flowery dress, sorry the picture is so blurry …

So what’s going on then in 2020

Like I said before: “I am continuing the path of growth and healing in 2020.”
And for some that may sound heavy, or emotional, but I mean in the most positive way you can imagine.
I read a quote the other day:

And that pretty much sums up how I am planning to continue my journey in this life.

And for my blog … Of course I want to play way more with make-up, travel, go to concerts, have fun with friends, finally share my creativity, discover new products and places… Go on adventures … And I want to share it with all of you!

So, cheers to a very happy, positive 2020!

xoxo Sam

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