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Meet my furry roommates

In one of my previous posts – My Guilty Pleasures – I promised a future post to introduce my cats. And here it is! Finally. Oh, and be prepared for some serious picture spam!


So this is Micio, he is 5 years old (he’ll be truning 6 in April). I’ve had him, or rather he’s had me, since he was 8 weeks old.

He was so cute and tiny. And of course he is still cute, just not so tiny anymore haha.
He is not your typical lap-cat, but he likes to be close, so much so, that in the evening, when I go to bed, he comes with me and just lies on my nightstand. He also knows when he wants attention, so when I am sitting with my laptop, or am doing something crafty, while he wants attention, he just blocks me from doing anything by jumping on my laptop, or my crafty work.

Some more pictures of Micio


Nuala is almost 3 now. She was placed with a family when she was a kitten, but it did’t really go well because of an over enthousaistic kid in that family.
There was a post on facebook about it, where they sought a new, more peaceful, home for her. My heart just melted after seeing a picture of her, and I knew I wanted to give her that home.
Thankfully Micio is a rather easy cat, as long as he gets his attention he is fine with everything else, which made my decision to take her in a lot easier as well.
Nuala is tiny, some people still think she is a kitten. She purrs like crazy and she loves to cuddle, by draping herself around my neck as if she is a scarf.

Some more pictures of Nuala

Do they get along?

Yes they do! They might not sleep together all the time. They might not even eat together at the same time all the time.
But they love each other. Sometimes it feels like they know I am watching, so they move away from each other. But on the occassions where I “sneak in” on them, they will be washing each other or they actually will be sleeping together. And it’s the cutest thing, especially becaue Micio is so big and Nuala is so tiny.

Some more pictures.. Because I can!

So there you have it, my 2 amazing roommates, and I love them with my whole heart! And sorry, not sorry, about all those pictures! haha.


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