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My ginger struggles

In this post I want to share some (not all) of the struggles I personally face being a ginger. Besides all the comments that I still hear daily.

– Seriously, I want to challenge you to comment something about redheads below, lets see if someone can actually come up with something I’ve never heard before – 😜

Alright, let’s begin..

The struggle is real …

Firstly I struggle with my skin. It is very fair, highly sensitive and I have rosacea. This means I just have to wear sunscreen, even during the winter. (I would reccomend everyone to do this though.. even if you are not a ginger).

This also means I have to look for products my skin can actually handle. Often times these products are pretty expensive. I tend to buy products that are biological or vegan, or both and NOT tested on animals. In the future I will write a seperate postt with my daily skincare routine. I might add some make-up in there too. Even though I don’t really wear make-up a lot, because a my skin get’s irritated very quickly. And I just don’t know a whole lot about it (yet).

Secondly, my hair in itself! It is thick and heavy, also known as coarse hair. Coarse hair tends to be very dry, and hard to dye or perm. Conditioner and hair masks are a must for me if I want it to look somewhat decent. This is not someting typical for gingers, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. Now something about my hair, that is typical for a ginger, is that it won’t turn grey. It will simply lighten up over the years and then turn completely white.

And lastly, I struggle with finding colours that suit me. In both clothing and make-up (if I actually wear it). A lot of colours make me appear more pale than I already am. But I do believe that might not necessarily be something only gingers struggle with. I do feel us gingers might struggle with it somewhat more than others though.



5 thoughts on “My ginger struggles

  1. I never understood all those comments about gingers. Perhaps because growing up in the 80s there were many gingers in the series I watched and read. Flora in “Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors”, Teela in “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”, J.B. in “BraveStarr”, and of course my favourite redhead still today: Ember from “Storm”. We even call her “Roodhaar” in Dutch. Red hair is beautiful.

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