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Road trip to Stuttgart, and Breakfast with Joey Kelly

Monday morning Shirley and I got into the car, to drive a whopping 6 hours to get to Stuttgart, Germany. The reason for this road trip was that Shirley had won an “exclusive breakfast” for 2, with Joey Kelly, and she decided to bring me! Yay!
For those of you, who don’t know Joey Kelly.. Joey Kelly is a member of “The Kelly Family” and an extreme sportsman.
We have been Kelly family fans for years now (we even met through their music), so this was a great chance to get to talk to one of our “idols” 😎 even if it meant driving for so long.

The trip

The trip itself was pretty uneventful. We had spotify on in the car, we talked, sang, reminisced and laughed a lot. Since I was the one driving, I could not take picture, but Shirley sure did!

We arrived at the hotel a little before 3pm and therefore we had to wait until we could check-in. (We were 15 minutes early, and apparently the room was not ready yet).
When we finally got the key, we went up to our room, which was on the 3rd and top floor, and there was no elevator.. Bummer! The room was extremely simple and super small! We didn’t even take pictures, beacause there seriously was not much to see. just 2 seperate beds, a mini fridge and a bathroom you could hardly turn around in. Shirley did take pictures of our view, haha.

We decided that we wanted to eat Sushi, so we spent about an hour trying to find an “all you can eat” sushi restaurant in the area. That wasn’t easy, enough sushi restaurants, but not a lot of the “all you can eat” types. Eventually we found one, that was about a 20 minute drive from the hotel.
So we slapped on some make-up and went on our way to the restaurant.

Shirley and sam

Sushi baby

We got to the restaurant, without a reservation, but thankfully they still had a table for the 2 of us. So when we were seated, we got a tablet and the waitress explained that we could order 5 things per person per round, unlimited rounds! (Now that’s a proper all you can eat, not one that says you only have 5 rounds or something)
The sushi was GOOD! We only took a few pictures, mainly because we were just enjoying each others company and the sushi in itself.

Back to the hotel

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, and just had a girly type of evening. We had some drinks, we had a face-mask, we listened to music and we talked. (Because we are never done talking, lol)

Breakfast with Joey Kelly

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, Shirley had won an “exclusive breakfast” with Joey Kelly. It was through Carthago. A company that manufacters and sells campers. you might think, what on earth do those 2 have in common. Well, not long ago, Joey kelly did a Bulli challenge, with his oldest son, going from Berlin to Peking with a VW Bulli.
The team that went with them to document this whole challenge, drove along in a Carthago camper.
And this beakfast was going to take place at the Carthago stand at the CMT – Holiday Exhibition.

Of course we arrived early, and we had no idea where we should go. So we asked, and got sent upstairs to the Carthago stand. We were the first 2 to get there and nobody seemed to know, or care what we needed to do, so we waited. After waiting for about half an hour, all of a sudden a whole group of people, with VIP key cords came up. (We hadn’t received ours, since we were just sent up straight away. Maybe it was also because of the language barrier, our German is not the best)


After we were finally seated, we heard Joey was going to be late, so we could just start breakfast. There are no pictures of the breakfast, but basically it was just premade sandwiches. Nothing exclusive about that LOL. Also, it was a breakfast, with Joey, without Joey.

And then FINALLY! Joey arrived. He had a whole presentation prepared, with videos and photo’s. He talked about the history of The Kelly Family, then how he got into extreme sports, and of course about the Bulli challenge. honestly very interesting, with some info I – as a huge fan- hadn’t heard before LOL.

Meeting Joey

After his presentation, he went to each table to have a little chat and give out Kelly Family CD’s and autographs. (We were supposed to get the Bulli challenge book with pictures and the story, but unfortunately they were sold out before he knew it).

When he came to our table, he obviously heard that we are from the Netherlands, and he called us crazy for coming all that way to come and see him. I just replied: “Yeah, crazy about you” and we laughed.
He then mentioned that he, and his family would be having a concert in Rotterdam on the 21st of February. We then said that our entire “Kelly Family friends group – 16 people- already have tickets.

Then the best moment of this year (well, the year just started, but the best moment so far… ) happened. He invited us for a “meet & greet” in Rotterdam, with the entire friends group! As long as we bring “Heineken” and “Stroopwafels“.
He gave us his business card and told us to just write an email to get everything sorted.
Obviously we couldn’t even speak anymore after that! So we just took some selfies and got ready to leave.

On our way out, we did go back to the info stand again, to get our VIP key cords. Just so we have those for our personal collection.
And then we ran into one of our German friends, Peggy, so of course we took a selfie 😂

Then, we finally got back into the car… And drove 6 hours again to get back home!

That’s it for this road trip! Can’t wait for the next one!


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