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The ShaneXJeffree Conspiracy Palette – Review

On the first of November the ShaneXJeffree Conspiracy collection was launched. I was one of the lucky people to get my hands on the Conspiracy palette, the mini controversy palette, 2 lipsticks (“Shane” and “I Gotta Go”) and the black pig mirror. I have been using both palettes for the past 2 weeks, and today I will review the Conspiracy palette.

Look and feel – packaging

By no means am I a make-up connaisseur. I mean, I just started to develop an interest in make-up to begin with haha. But I can defininitely say this palette looks and feels really good. Even for a nitwit like me, it is obvious that the quality of the packaging is awesome! Sturdy, heavy and absolutely pleasing to the eye. (But that is, of course, my personal opinion, I just love the way it looks)

The Shades – names, swatches and feel.

Ranch – My pills – Tanacon – Diet root beer – Just a theory – Spiraling
Conspiracy – Pig-ment – Food videos – Trisha – Cheese dust – Flaming hot
What’s the tea? – Diet cola – Not a fact – Sleep paralysis – Illuminatea – My ride’s here
  • Pictures are taken by Mariska from – They are also on her blog, and she has a review on there in Dutch. – My palette and my arm, and she did the swatches, and they are her pictures LOL.

I really love the names, they are something else! Funny and very fitting for this palette, and the ShaneXJeffree colaboration.

They feel great too, the mattes a little dryer than the shimmery ones. But all of them are really pigmented. The colour that is probably the hardest to see on the swatches is “My Pills” because that is just very close to my own skintone. (Great colour for a base for me, I believe)

My favourites are.. Well, basically the whole top row, and the whole bottom row. And even though the middle row looks absolutely fabulous as well, I don’t think I personally would dip into those shades that much, apart from the shade “Conspiracy”.

I have created 3 eye looks using this palette. 1 neutral every day look, 1 evening/going out look, and 1 look trying to use all those shades I would not necessarily dip into. And to keep things exciting, I will share those in one of my next posts. πŸ˜‰

Bonus clip of when the Palette first came in.

Yes, you may laugh! When the palette came in, a friend of mine and I were just so super excited! Anyway, here is a little clip of the “unboxing” of the Conspiracy Palette.



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