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Unboxing the MUA Mystery Box

Since I am still waiting for my “Deluxe Holiday Mystery Box” from Jeffree Star. (which is probably going to take a while, since international shipping is not that great, unless you pay a sh*tload of extra money)..
I decided I wanted to unbox something else ASAP!
So, I saw an ad for the MUA (Make Up Acadamy) Mystery box at Kruidvat for only 18 euro’s, claiming to have 75 euro’s worth of stuff in there.
Guess what I did.. I ordered it! And today I will show you what’s in there, if it’s any good AND if it’s worth the money.

The stuff!

Honestly, it is really exciting to open a mystery box, it’s like openening an actual gift. Even though you bought it yourself, what’s in there, is a total surprise!
So let’s get into it!!

First glance after opening the box .. Oh boy *GOODIES!!!* 🥰
  • Prism loose powder highlighter – Star illusion
  • Pro/base makeup remover stick
  • Pro/base mattifying flawless primer
  • MUA eye shadow brush E10
  • MUA highlighter brush F11
  • Prism eyegloss kitt
  • Silent disco eyeshadow palette
  • Shimmer highlight powder – Golden Scintillation
  • Gradient light palette – glimmering gemstones
  • Super stylo satin finish lipstick – first class
  • Velvet lip lacquer matte finish – tranquility
  • Full volume lash effect – Amplify statement lash (colour black/brown)
  • Eye define soft tip felt liner
  • Make up bag
– Gradient light palette – glimmering gemstones – swatches done by Myrte
Row 1 disco palette
– Silent disco eyeshadow palette – Swatches
Row 1
Row 2 disco palette
– Silent disco eyeshadow palette – Swatches
Row 2
– Shimmer highlight powder – Golden Scintillation – Swatch
– Prism loose powder highlighter – Star illusion – Swatch

I haven’t tried the lipsticks, the eyegloss kitt, the eyeliner and mascara yet, but judging by the rest of the products, I think they are good enough.
MUA is a budget make up brand, and I can honestly say, I am very pleasantly surprised by the products, just based on the swatches.
And I think I will be using the highlighters a lot. (All of them, the ones from the palette, the golden single one, AND the loose powder one)

– Eye look, made by Myrte with the Silent disco eyeshadow palette

Myrte ordered the same mystery box, and we both had the exact same products in there, same colours and everything. She already tried an eyelook using the “disco eye shadow palette”.
I think it turned out great, and shows of the potential of this colourful palette! And I am happy she shared the picture so I could use it for this blog!

Is it worht it? Prices and all ..

Since the advertisement said the box was going to be filled with 75 euro’s worth of stuff, I obviously checked this.
I went to the Kruidvat website and searched for all products individually, just to see if the advertisment was true …
So here is the tea:

– Make up remover stick: €5.99
– Shimmer highlight powder: €5.99
– Mascara: €4.99
– Eyeliner: €2.99
– Lipstick: €3.99
– Lip lacquer: €4.99
– Primer: €4.49
– Eye shadow palette: €4.99
– Gradient light palette : €4.99
– Brush 1: €2.95
– Brush 2: €2.95
– Loose highlighter: €6.49
– Make up bag: €4.-
– Eye gloss kit: €6.-

So, that makes a grand total of €65,80, which is about 10 euro’s less than what was advertised.
BUT! I still think this was an awesome deal for 18 euro’s!


I honestly believe this was a great deal, considering this is a budget make up brand. Like I said earlier, I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of all the products.
And I really enjoyed unboxing this mystery box, which probaly means I will be ordering mystery boxes in the future, even if it’s only for the joy of unboxing surprises I bought for myself LOL!

And again, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!


4 thoughts on “Unboxing the MUA Mystery Box

    1. Ja, ik ben ook echt super positief verrast! En voor iemand zoals ik, die echt pas net een beetje begint met het uberhaupt leuk vinden van make-up, is dit een prima merk om de stash mee uit te breiden en mee te experimenteren.

    1. Haha, ik kan überhaupt niet wachten tot hij er is! Maar tot nu toe nog geen shipping confirmation .. Dus ben bang dat het na de kerst wordt.

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