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What’s in my bag?

Because of course everyone wants to know what’s in my bag! LOL!

No, but seriously, I am always curious to see what other people (mainly women obviously) have in their bags. So, who knows, maybe other people share that same interest. And that’s why today I will be sharing with you what I have in my bag.

I have to say though, what I have in my bag, and what bag I am using changes every so often.
And I usually have way less stuff in a way smaller bag during the weekend.
Today I’ll be sharing my “during the week” bag.

Here we go!


In the front pocket of my wonderful Fjallraven Kånken backpack, I have my:

  • Swiss Army/Pocket knife, I have to say, I use this daily, for all sorts of things. Especially the toothpick!
  • Phone charger, because nowadays you can’t go anywhere without one.
  • 2 sets of earphones, 1 with a jackplug, to use with my laptop and the other with a usb-c plug, for my phone.

Then I have both my:

  • 2019 (Scribbles that matter) and
  • 2020 (Nuuna) Bullet Journals in there.
    Because, yes, we are still in 2019, BUT I already have appointments and whatnot in 2020.

And of course all my essentials.. LOL!

  • 3 pencil cases … I know, excessive much?! But, 1 has pens, 1 has highlighters and the last one has pencils and some random items.
  • Pack of felt tips ….. What can I say ..
  • A geo triangle, to create all those perfect and neat lines in my BuJo.
  • 4!!!!! Packs of washi tape 🙈 I mean, I don’t even have words for this myself. 😆

And last but not least, my: ..

  • Compact camera, because I do want to actually learn how to use this thing.
  • Wallet, like a normal person I guess
  • Random reader, just in case I need to make a payment and I require this besides my fingerprint or pin.
  • Travel mug (from Kneipp), mainly so I can bring my coffee from home into the car, and enjoy it while I am driving to work.

The links placed in this blogpost are NOT affiliate links. They are mainly there to give you an idea of where to buy something, I get absolutely NOTHING for these 😎

Hope you enjoyed “going through” my bag!
Until the next post!


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