Why are my posts in English?

Since I started this blog, not even that long ago, the question I get asked the most is:

“You are a Dutch woman, so why is your blog in English?”

The answer to this question is actually pretty simple.

I have a lot of international friends, and even family members, who don’t read or speak Dutch, who would like to read my blog as well. If I would do it in Dutch, they would have no clue what I am talking/writing about.
And of course, my plan is still to move to Australia within 2 years from now, and obviously I am planning to continue this blog, when I eventually move as well.

So yeah, that’s it really 😆

A lot of people think, or assume, I am doing this in English because that means I can reach a bigger audience. While in essence this is absolutely true, that was not my reason to start this blog in English.

This is probably the shortest post I will ever write, but I thought to myself, let’s just get this out there. I might even add this to a FAQ sometime in the future.


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